The Mandible Is At Least 160,000 Years Old, Researchers Reported In 2019 In The Journal Nature , Meaning The Bone Remnants Could Date Back To The Same Period As The Quesang Handprints, Honoré Told Live Science In An Email.  That Said, The Baishiya Cave Lies Many Miles North Of Quesang And Sits At Only 10,500 Feet (3,200 M) Above Sea Level, So The Newfound Handprints Supply The Oldest Evidence Of Occupation In The Central, Highest-elevation Region Of The Plateau, Said Michael Meyer, An Assistant Professor Of Geology At The University Of Innsbruck In Austria, Who Was Not Involved In The Study.

Parents raise concerns over Jefferson backpack ban Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Parents raise concerns over Jefferson backpack ban RIGBY, Idaho (KIFI) - The Jefferson Joint School District 251 has banned all backpacks in both middle and high school. This comes a day after a 13-year-old girl brought a gun to Rigby Middle School. However, some parents like Caitlyn Lewis, whose 6th-grade daughter attends RMS, disagree with the decision. "I don't think banning backpacks is going to solve anything," Lewis said. "If anything, it's going to make kids more sneaky, to get what they want and their point across to people. And that scares me more, that we're now making our kids be sneakier, cause we're banning our backpacks that they can carry their athletic gear or school supplies in. That they think it's going to solve an issue, I think it's just causing things to be way worse and kids to be more sneaky." Lewis also said the rules aren't clear of what's allowed and what isn't. "They're allowed to bring purses and fanny packs," Lewis said. "And I found that counteractive because you can't bring a backpack, but you can bring a purse or a fanny pack, check here that you can still carry a gun in? Like they make concealed carry purses for women." "And we're not doing anything about why the child brought the gun to school," Lewis said. "Was there bullying? Were there mental health issues? Are we gonna fix that issue, or are we just kind of going to put a band-aid on and blame it on the backpack now?" We did reach out to the school district for clarification, and to discuss the policy, and were told superintendent Chad Martin spent the day talking with the middle and high schools about the policy. However, he never got back to us for comment. The only statement they've released on the matter comes from the email the district sent to parents Thursday, asking parents to "partner with us in keeping all of our students safe." [Production]

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Katie Benner Her determination to wire up Tehran, at a time in which the West was seeking to contain Iran’s nuclear program, attracted protests among American officials. For that reason, some China hard-liners objected on Friday to news that the charges were being dropped. “It sends the wrong message to Chinese business executives around the world that it’s permissible to engage in fraudulent transactions with Iran and North Korea,” said Michael Pillsbury, a scholar at the Hudson Institute who was a top China adviser to former President Donald J. Trump. “I fear that another part of the message has been that the Biden team approved selling Huawei some types of chips and technology, which will also undercut the message that Huawei should not be involved in 5G telecommunications systems of our friends and allies.” Huawei mustered a furious effort in Washington and in Canada to get Ms. Meng released. But she refused to plead guilty to bank and wire fraud charges stemming from Huawei’s deal in Iran. Months later, she agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement, which will ultimately lead to dropping all the charges against her. The case began when Canadian authorities arrested Ms. Meng , 49, in December 2018, at the request of the United States. She owns two imposing homes in Vancouver, and was allowed to stay in them with an ankle bracelet to track her whereabouts. She eventually settled at her gated, seven-bedroom mansion in the city’s exclusive Shaughnessy neighborhood, where she received painting lessons and private massages. She instantly became one of the world’s most famous detainees — especially because she is the daughter of Huawei’s famous founder and chief executive, Ren Zhengfei, a former People’s Liberation Army officer who turned his small telecommunications firm into a national champion. In January 2019, the Justice Department indicted Huawei and Ms. Meng. While the charges focused on bank and wire fraud, in announcing the indictment, the Justice Department alleged that Huawei employees, including Ms. Meng, lied to bank officials when asked about whether Huawei was unlawfully engaged in business with Iran, knowing that U.S. sanctions on Tehran would prevent the banks from financing the sale.

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3D rendering shows hand and footprints left by ancient hominin children "Denisovans are a real possibility," but Homo erectus was also known to inhabit the region, Bennett told Live Science, referring to a couple of known human ancestors. "There's lots of contenders, but no, we don't really know."  The prints supply the earliest evidence of hominins at Quesang, "but there is growing evidence of archaic humans being around the Tibetan Plateau at a similar time," Bennett added. For example, scientists recently recovered a Denisovan jawbone in the Baishiya Cave, located at the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, said Emmanuelle Honoré, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, who was not involved in the study. The mandible is "at least" 160,000 years old, researchers reported in 2019 in the journal Nature , meaning the bone remnants could date back to the same period as the Quesang handprints, Honoré told Live Science in an email.  That said, the Baishiya Cave lies many miles north of Quesang and sits at only 10,500 feet (3,200 m) above sea level, so the newfound handprints supply the oldest evidence of occupation in the central, highest-elevation region of the plateau, said Michael Meyer, an assistant professor of geology at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, who was not involved in the study. Like the study authors, Meyer suspects that Denisovans likely left the handprints, so "the study could thus indicate that Denisovans were the first Tibetans and that they originally adapted genetically to cope with the high-elevation stress," he told Live Science in an email. The handprints themselves are made of travertine, a kind of freshwater limestone formed by mineral deposits from natural springs. When first deposited, travertine forms a "very fine, sludgy mud," which one can easily push their hands and feet into, Bennett said. Then, when cut off from water, the travertine hardens into stone. (Image credit: Artwork by Gabriel Ugeto, provided by author Matthew Bennett) On a previous expedition, conducted in the 1980s, Zhang uncovered similar hand and footprints near a modern hot spring bathhouse at Quesang, and in general, many traces of early humans can be found adorning the slopes nearby.

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